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Healthy Indian Cuisine with Flavor


Cabbage Chana Dal salad is a popular vegetarian Indian dish, but it is beginning to take over the western world. For those who are looking to expand their dinner options to include Indian cuisine, this is a great dish to start with. It has all the authenticity of traditional Indian food with the added benefit of being delicious and healthy for the entire family.

This healthy and refreshing salad is a colorful dish that will brighten up any meal. Cabbage Chana Dal Salad is perfect for a summer brunch or a light meal during any season. It is a traditional vegetarian Indian dish that is increasing in popularity because it accommodates a wide range of palettes. Even if you have not experimented with many Indian dishes, this is one that will surely spark an interest in further exploration. What makes it even better is the fact that it is not so "out there" that your kids will push it aside. If a healthy, vegetarian Indian dish for the whole family is what you are looking for, Cabbage Chana Dal Salad is the meal for you.

You can substitute the chana dal with split yellow moong dal or moong dal sprouts. The chana dal and split yellow moong dal are very similar in terms of taste and texture, but yellow moong dal does not have to be soaked. If you want to make the salad quickly, use the moong dal to cut out the first step and save two hours. The moong dal sprouts need to be soaked overnight, but they have a crunchier texture that many people find appealing in the salad. Try making the salad a couple times and experiment with the various types of dal to find the one that works best for your family.

Sometimes the chana dal, split yellow moong dal, and moong dal sprouts can be difficult to find in traditional grocery stores. You will likely find them in ethnic grocery stores if you take the time to look. However, if you are grocery shopping in a pinch and only have time for one stop, the dal can also be substituted with more western products while still retaining the Indian quality. Instead of the chana dal, try boiled corn or finely chopped bell peppers. You can even make a mixture of the two to increase the flavors and textures.

To add a touch of Indian flavor to other dishes, use the salad dressing on any salad you may be making, whether it is traditionally Indian or not. It will add a bit of authentic flavor even if you are pouring it onto a bowl of salad from a bag.

Another popular way the salad dressing is used in the Indian culture is as a dressing for fresh fruit like the one that you can try on different hotels and restaurants. To use it this way, skip adding the vinegar to the dressing and add some chopped mint leaves. It is refreshing, and will get even the pickiest eaters to enjoy their fruits.