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Kitchen Design Ideas - Zen with a Fresh Color Palette

zen kitchen main

In this busy kitchen, nature meets modernity and functionality. The kitchen is this home’s central stage, and the modern yet cozy nature-inspired style make it the place everyone loves to be. Homeowner Leslie Chera and her husband Jackie love to entertain—so the three ovens are always busy. Leslie’s four young girls join her in the kitchen as she hosts cooking classes, and all the food prepared is donated to the needy.

walls and chairs

Wall of Function
The refrigerator and freezer hide behind wood cabinetry on this wall. Other cabinets are fitted to store trays and platters.

Up and Down
These hydraulic Lucite bar stools move up and down, so Leslie’s four girls can climb up and help this Zumba queen mom cook healthy dishes.

focal point

Focal Point
We love these “bubble” chandeliers by designer George Kovacs.

contrast and wine

A Study in Contrast
White and wood cabinets pair to effortlessly bring the modern and natural elements of the design together.

Pop It Open
There’s always bottles ready to share when the guests arrive.

The Purple Mood
Unique purple granite and the purple marbleized glass tile backsplash bring in nature with a twist. Purple and lavenders reappear throughout the home.

Who Needs a Red Carpet?
This slate floor runs from the front of the home, to the back, welcoming visitors inside.

Seamless Steel
Stainless steel drawers share a wall with the ovens and range so the appliances blend into the kitchen design.

Photo by Morris Antebi
Kitchen Design by Joyce Silverman

As seen in Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller (Summer 2012) - Subscribe Now.