Kleins Kosher Ice Cream Review

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Frozen Ices at Jamie's Goodbye BBQ

Kleins Kosher Ice Cream graciously provided frozen treats at Jamie Geller's Goodbye BBQ.  The kids and grown ups all gobbled them up as a perfect ending treat to a delicious BBQ.  These treats of course were non dairy, but Kleins offers all sorts of kosher frozen desserts from dairy chalav yisroel to vegan approved non dairy.

Klein's was founded 60 years ago as the first Chalav Yisroel Ice Cream in the US. It is a remarkable story of true determination from a holocaust survivor.  It began with a barely running truck and 5 frozen novelties and has grown to a company with over 380 different products and 3 Ice Cream house shops where people can go and choose from any of them.

Klein's does a wonderful job fulfilling a niche of chalav yisroel ice creams, non dairy vegan ice creams and all sorts of other products.  We enjoyed their ice pops, italian ices and fruit squeeze pops at the BBQ, but there is so much more they offer.

Have you had Klein's ice cream? Have you been to one of their shops in Brooklyn? Let us know what you think.

For more than six decades Klein’s has been symbolic for producing the finest Kosher Ice Cream. We use only the purest, most premium ingredients and craft them into the most superb ice cream available worldwide. Klein’s boasts and unbeatable selection of luxurious ice creams, luscious sorbets, a world famous Vegan approved non dairy line, natural fruit bars, fun ices, and bulk items for caterers and the most exquisite miniature desserts. Commitment to quality is our way of doing business, and is the reason why Klein’s has epitomized fine ice cream for nearly half century.