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Kosher Chef Wars: Quinoa Style

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Quinoa has been gaining popularity over recent years for its grain-like quality and high protein value. It is quite simple to make, and can be prepared like a couscous or rice recipe. Stir-frying quinoa is the ultimate way to add tons of flavor quickly.

We asked two top kosher chefs to share their favorite way to prepare quinoa. Chef Yosef Schwartz of Hassid+Hipster, based in South Florida, shared a new technique in prepping quinoa. Chef David Kolotkin of The Prime Grill shared a savory quinoa pancake.

Vote and Win: Email or comment below to tell us your favorite quinoa recipe and vote to crown a winning chef of the Kosher Chef War: Quinoa Style.  One winner will receive a $50 product pack prize from Eden Foods.

You can also submit your own quinoa recipe here and it could be published in a special online post!

Recipe #1:

Tomato Soup with Toasted Red Quinoa

Tomato Soup with Toasted Red Quinoa created by Chef Yosef Schwartz of Hassid+Hipster.

Hassid+Hipster is a unique concept, bringing modern, innovative foods and techniques to the kosher market, holding pop-up events and sandwich markets around the US. Born in Brooklyn and now doing pop-ups in Miami, LA, and Jerusalem. Hassid+Hipster strives to bring the best in kosher dining to cities around the world using both local talent and ingredients.

Recipe #2:

Quinoa Pancakes

Quinoa Pancakes created by  Chef David Kolotkin. This recipe is excerpted from  The Prime Grill Cookbook.

Chef David Kolotkin is the executive chef of Prime Grill Restaurant in NYC. A passionate and innovative cook, he is responsible for revolutionizing kosher cuisine and introducing kosher consumers to a high-quality kosher beef.

Don't forget to VOTE by emailing or commenting below with your choice of who the winner of this chef war should be.  One random voter will win a selection of quinoa and other edible treats valued at $50 from Eden Foods!!

Here is the link again to SUBMIT YOUR FAVOURITE QUINOA RECIPE! Your recipe could be published in a special online post!

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