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Making the Best Out of Leftover Pumpernickel Bread

pumpernickel, apple and onion stuffing

A few months ago I brought my daughter to the supermarket and she walked around asking for everything in sight.  Sound familiar?  When we got to the bread aisle, I figured I would let her choose which loaf to buy this week and she chose this gorgeous fresh baked pumpernickel bread.  She loves pumpernickel bagels and she vigorously shook her head yes when I asked if she would eat it, so I figured why not.  Fast forward three days and I had more than a half of a loaf left and couldn’t get my daughter to eat a single slice of toast.

I really hate to waste, so I knew I had to get creative fast.  I often make croutons with leftover bread and figured that these would actually taste really good in a hot split pea soup and they were phenomenal.

Salad with Pumpernickel Croutons

Salad with Pumpernickel Croutons

But I had a LOT of croutons and so I came up with a toasted bread salad filled with roasted veggies, it barely needed any dressing and my we could not get enough.  A little goat cheese just put it over the top, I am actually thinking of buying pumpernickel just to make it again.

Stuffed Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

Stuffed Roasted Chicken wtih Vegetables

Then I thought about stuffing, my favorite part of Thanksgiving.  If you haven’t tried pumpernickel stuffing you are in for a treat!  Filled with onions and apples, stuffed in a chicken or turkey or just cooked in the oven it is perfect for this time of year.

There is a popular Jewish custom to enjoy stuffed foods for Sukkot.   Stuffing is a perfect way to use up your leftover bread and follow this Jewish tradition with your family.