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Mozart Cake

mozart cake 2

Passover approaches and for someone who LOVES to bake like me, it can either be a week of no baking or challenges to find things to bake that don’t taste so “Passoverish” if you know what I mean. I strive to look for and develop recipes that can be made all year round and no one would even notice that is it Kosher for Passover! I will say I have some staples that are typically for Passover and my family insists upon- the well-known matzo crunch with melted chocolate and caramel (which I make with all kinds of adaptations like white chocolate and peanut butter for example- yum!)

For this one you've got to take a momentary break from any diet you may be on. It is so rich, that a small piece will do the trick. The combination of the meringue base and layered with chocolate crème and then layered with a white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse in between- well what can I say.......

Mozart Cake

The cake is not hard to make, but there is a long preparation time. It’s worth the effort though! Recipe follows- it's my adaptation from a collection of best recipes in a popular Israeli food magazine called "Al HaShulchan" (On the Table).

Passover Mozart Cake