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Infused Honey Salmon Tartare - Link Up

salmon tartare

We all want a sweet new year. So we start the year off right with honey cake and apple pie.  We slather our chicken and brisket with a honey glaze and dip our apples and challah in the sticky stuff.  Did you know honey has many health benefits?  Read more about honey and health in The Buzz About Honey.  Honey is rich in calories and this time of year it’s easy to lose count of those extra calories.  One of the best ways to get the most out of your honey is to start with an infusion.

When I discovered the power of infused honey I knew the possibilities were endless. The flavors you can add to honey means you don’t need to use as much, just avoid the temptation to eating it by the spoonful.  Once infused, you can enjoy in a cup of tea or use infused honey in any recipe for unbelievable results.

citrus ginger infused honey

Citrus Ginger Honey

Here is my recipe for Citrus Ginger Honey, a favorite flavor that goes with almost anything, but is especially delicious with Asian cuisine.  I used this honey to make a Salmon Tartare that you can serve for your first course on Rosh Hashanah.  Everyone will be so impressed!  It is not quite raw, so you won’t scare off your Aunt (who won’t try anything new) and you can take some credit for delivering a healthy dose of Omega 3s along with the sweet taste of infused honey.

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