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Hail To A Slaw

carrot and kohlrabi slaw

To be quite candid, if I may, I never really celebrated Presidents' Day. It's not because I am not patriotic. On the contrary, I nationally still identify myself as an American; even from living overseas. While I may not be too pleased with the current administration governing the country, I appreciate what the country still represents: Freedom, Liberty, Equality and Justice for all. I am not denying that we had great leaders who made an impact on America for the greater good. Their overall dedication to establishing and building the country, creating a haven for the poor and persecuted deserves my utmost respect and honor. Even though I made Aliyah, I still appreciate the freedoms and opportunities I've had growing up in America. At day school, we would recite the Pledge of Allegiance before class.

While I grew up celebrating July 4th and Thanksgiving, I never saw Presidents' Day as a cause for celebration. While it is an established national holiday, all it meant to me was having a day off from school or work. We did spend a lot of family quality time together. We either went to a museum, sports event, or a movie. We didn't throw any swanky dinners or parties.

President's Day officially honors the life and work of George Washington, the first president of the United States. That is why many people like to eat Cherry Pie (he was the guy that wouldn't chop down that cherry tree).  President's Day commemorates all the presidents that lead America till this point. To some, Presidents' Day is also known as Washington's birthday. While most states consider this national holiday as a celebration for Washington's birthday, some states officially declare this day to be President's day.

Other states will focus on Lincoln's leadership on this holiday as his birthday falls out on mid-February, some eat corn bread as it is said to be one of his favorites.  In weeks or days leading up to Presidents' Day, schools tend to organize events or lessons for students about American presidents. Sales are also very popular at stores. I suppose that would be just cause for a celebration for me. 

Whatever you have planned it is always nice to include a salad in your celebration or your shopping.  A salad is essential to a light and healthy balanced meal. Whenever I host parties or events, I always make sure that salad is featured on the menu.  Enjoy this light, easy, and mayo-free Carrot Kohlrabi Slaw recipe. Easy to prepare and flexible, feel free to create your own variation.