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Spring into Good Shape: 5 Tips for Lighter Eating


Which warm-weather foods should be added to your diet?

When it comes to the clock, we know that you spring forward. But when it comes to your bathroom scale, you probably would want to see those numbers falling backward! As we shed our heavy winter coats, the few pounds gained over winter might be something you’re ready to shed, too!

Lose Winter Pounds this Spring with Fabulously Fresh Fruits & Veggies

As the thermometer rises, thoughts of warm-weather activities come to mind. Outdoor biking, skating, hiking and walking are great ways to burn calories and tone muscles. But there are other activities that occur as the days grow longer, that can add weight faster than you can say, “bar-b-que.” Like it or not, food often accompanies most of the events of our lives, so here are some tips for keeping your weight in check before summer arrives:

  • Make a salad switch. If you’ve been keeping warm with a big beefy sandwich or hot lunch, it’s a good time to make salad your main squeeze. But I’m not talkin’ just lettuce and tomatoes: jazz up your salad with slivered almonds, chopped dried figs, a few slices of avocado, mandarin oranges, yellow bell peppers, shredded carrots, sliced beets and so on. Couple this with some grilled chicken or chunks of grilled salmon with some lemon zest.
  • Be sure to dress well. Although some salad dressings provide more calories than the salad itself, you don’t have to feel locked into a diet dressing you don’t enjoy. Instead, use a spoon of your favorite dressing and dilute it combine it with and aged white or dark balsamic vinegar, lemon juice or mustard.
  • Get fresh. Keep mouth-watering foods available and visible, like cut up fruit, sliced veggies and hummus or a fruit and yogurt parfait.
  • Drink to your health. In warm weather it’s important to stay hydrated. Here’s one of my favorite drinks: fill a large pitcher with herbal tea and cut up fruit to make sinfully delicious sangria that can fill you up while keeping your weight down.
  • Color your grill. Try grilling some beautiful vegetables along side of your usual fare. This will help fill you with vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants without making you feel like you need an antacid for dessert.

So take the time to do some spring cleaning in your fridge and cabinets. There’s a greater chance that you’ll grab healthier foods if healthier foods are kept around the house. Stay tuned for my next story about the best staples to stock.