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Step Up your Sandwich Game: 8 Sandwiches to Try

short rib slider

As it is officially sweater season, I enjoy nothing more than a lunch or dinner of a half sandwich and a steaming bowl of soup.  But seeing as I will be joining the real world quite soon, (graduation is in less than two months!), I'm giving my go-to sandwiches a much needed update.  It takes just a little creativity and few new spices and toppings to take your favorite sandwiches to the next level.  What's your current go-to sandwich, how do you like to change it up? Please share in the comment section below!

Teriayki Beef Banh Mi with Sesame Cucumber Salad

1.  Teriyaki Beef Banh Mi with Sesame Cucumber Salad: I feel more sophisticated just reading the name of the sandwich!  It's not intimidating or difficult to make, just think of it as an Asian inspired ( and healthier version) of the pastrami sandwich.

greek grilled cheese

2. Greek Style Grilled Cheese Hoagies with Scallions: Melava Malka, anyone?  While I might not bring this sandwich to work, it is definitely a dinner-time approved comfort food.

Mini Chocolate Coconut Sandwiches

3.  Mini Chocolate Coconut Sandwiches:  Not exactly dessert for dinner, but these pareve sandwiches are a nice weekday treat and make for a seriously adorable dessert.

Kouftikes de Prasa Sandwiches

4.  Kouftikes de Prasa Sandwiches:Traditionally this sandwich is made with mini meatballs, but this vegetarian version is healthier and even more delicious.  Sweet and savory leek patties are seasoned with cinnamon, cumin and cayenne, and topped with labneh and spicy pickled cabbage.

Short Rib Sliders

5.  Short Rib Sliders: Flanken is a popular cut of meat that can be prepared in a growing number of ways.  No need to wait to throw it into shabbos cholent, instead serve it on a weekday in these short rib sliders.  Prepare the meat ahead of time, or throw it in the oven after school or work and let it slow cook until dinner time.

turkey sandwich

6.  Turkey Sandwich with Simple Fig-Onion Jam: The age-old turkey sandwich meets sophistication, the fig-onion jam makes for a delicious condiment and an extra dollop can hide any dryness the turkey, especially if its leftover, can have.

Non Dairy Cashew Ice Cream Sandwiches

7.  Cashew Ice Cream “Sandwiches": This is a make-ahead recipe for sure, there's isn't a lot of individual prep time but the cashews need time to soak and the ice cream to freeze.  It's well worth the wait though!

Grilled Vegetable Wraps with Creamy Coleslaw

8.  Grilled Vegetable Wraps with Creamy Coleslaw: An easy weekday vegetarian meal, this sandwich works well for both lunch and dinner.

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