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The Best Chicken Liver Recipes

kosher chicken liver recipe

Once upon a time.... and it wasn't that long ago either, we had to grill and kosher liver at home. Today, thank goodness, we can order it form some butchers grilled and already koshered for us.

I remember my mother having to kosher her own meat. I can still see those koshering racks, chunks of salt and lumps of 'something' floating about in aluminum buckets under our kitchen table, but come dinnertime, thank goodness, it had miraculously evolved into a magnificent roast.

Fortunately, life took a dramatic turn in the '70s when a decision was made that all meat would be koshered on the butcher's premises. The backbreaking job of koshering meat at home was finally over and I've got the 'chutzpah' to complain about the occasional piece of liver!

Offal is the name often used to refer to various organ meats.  I always felt that it was an 'awful' name for wonderful delicacies such as pickled tongue, livers peri-peri and chopped liver. So I decided to change the word offal (or 'awful' as my children like to call it) to 'awesome'.

So, here are a few 'awesome' recipes that helped me get my iron deficient daughter to eat livers! It worked for me, I hope it does for you!

Chicken Livers Peri Peri

kosher chicken liver recipe

kosher chicken liver recipe

Chopped Liver and Bagel

Glazed Pickled Tongue with Parsley Butter Bean Sauce

choux liver pastries

The trick to the main recipe here is the peri peri oil, very common here in South Africa, and sure to be a big hit wherever you are too once you try it.  About 6 times a year (maybe more, as it's a family favourite) I make up a bottle of Peri-peri oil, click here for the recipe.