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The Best Thing I Ever Ate- Crepe Cake

crepe cake

Asking a chef what the best thing they ever ate is complicated. It is like asking a kid to pick only 1 piece of candy! Or a make-up artist which color lipstick they like best, or a designer which fabric they favor most etc…

You get the idea. There have been so many bests. That is why I chose this job. I am surrounded by my favorite things all day long. It is like hanging out with all your friends-how can I pick just one?

(So, yeah, thanks JOY OF KOSHER for making me choose.)

When you are a chef, it is dangerous because when you get a craving for a dish, you can just jump in the kitchen and make it, perfectly, every time!

If I see a picture in a magazine or on TV, I can go make it. In my world, it gets even more exciting because my husband is also a chef and we can both go in the kitchen and pull together a world-class meal and then devour it! We are both, each other’s, personal chefs.

I have had many amazing meals and flavors. It is hard to choose.  So, today, I am going to go with a dish that I have asked my husband to make before Passover and he was crabby and wouldn’t do as he was busy and we were in Passover mode. Finally he relented and I am getting the dish this weekend. Whoo-hoo!

Sometimes, the simple things are best and this is my best, for today!


Layers and layers of tender, vanilla scented crepes with luscious vanilla pastry cream alternating with raspberry preserves. It is like a comfort dish that my dad used to make when I was a kid. He would take pancakes and schmear them with jelly and roll them into little tubes and serve them to me for breakfast or whenever I was craving them. It was our special dish and I loved them.

rolled pancakes

The grownup version is relatively easy to make though time consuming. The cake is beautiful and a crowd pleaser. Enjoy!

Here is my recipe for Mille Crepe.