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In the JoyofKosher Kitchen with The Dash Cookbook


The Dash cookbook, inspired kosher recipes for the seasoned palate was created as a fundraiser for the Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway.  It is available for purchase through TAG at 718-471-8444.

Why did you name the book Dash?

The book was created as a fundraising endeavor for T.A.G. which is in the midst of a major building project, the cookbook’s title, “Dash,” involved much deliberation. “We wanted something short, catchy, and food-related,” said Sori.  We chose Dash for a number of reasons. It reminds us of the dash through life that we all seem to be speeding through. Sometimes we just have to pause for a moment and thank Hashem for all the good things in our lives. I am a very practical person; freezing is an integral part of my busy routine. Because Sori and I are both busy mothers, we’ve included many quick and easy recipes, as well as tips for busy mothers, yielding elegant results, that are ready in a dash! In order to make them irresistible, we have incorporated a dash of spice into our recipes. And, of course, a dash of salt is the universal ingredient found in recipes!

How did you get involved in creating this cookbook?

Sori and I were Women’s League Presidents.  I have been creating and collecting recipes for 17 years and always had the dream of putting out a cookbook in the back of my head.  When I became one of the Presidents, I realized that this would be a great venue for my cookbook.  Sori and I teamed up to do it together.

veal breast with matzah stuffing1

Veal Breast with Matzah Stuffing

Are the recipes created by one of you or both of you together?

The recipes are my creations as well as some submissions by restaurants and a few friends.  Sori handled the visual aspect of the book and is a decorator by trade.  I am an attorney.

What is the "Simplify" feature you mention in your book?

The Simplify feature is for when you would like to prepare the essence of the recipe but just do not have the time to create the full recipe.  It is a shortcut that will offer the same flavors and essence while cutting back on certain timely aspects of the recipe.

walnut shallot salad

Grapefruit Salad with Candied Pecans and Avocado

What other features are unique in this book?

We feature recipes by popular restaurants, as well as an array of delicious grilling recipes.  I have given my favorite tried and true recipes and had them all prepared, tested and tasted by a whole slew of woman so they are perfected and reliable.  We have provided a large selection of meats and chickens so there is a nice variety to choose from.  We also wanted to feature a beautiful accurate photo of each dish. People see food first and then decide if they should make it.  It is difficult for many people to envision how a recipe will turn out without a photo.  It was important for me that people be able to see what they will be making.

The flavors in this book go way beyond the usual Shabbat and Jewish palette, how did you come to cook this way?

I began cooking as a newlywed in Israel and pursued it from there as a passion.  I love gourmet flavors and ingredients and never repeat a menu at my shabbos table.  I love to experiment with food.


Slow Cooked Corned Beef in Wine

What is your earliest memory of cooking?

My earliest memory of cooking? Probably making macaroni and cheese for my 5 siblings (BH).  We grew up on cheese.  But I do remember my first shabbos having company after I was married.  I had 16 people over and began cooking on the Sunday before…. My food came out perfect and delicious.  The only problem was, when Friday night came, I was so overwhelmed I forgot the order of the courses.  Do you serve the fish first? Soup? Salad? My two good friends smiled and said sit down, Rebecca, we will take it from here…. Needless to say, I have come far since : )

Do you have any tips you can share with our busy readers on how to get dinner on the table every night?

Always have a well stocked house.  If you have the ingredients at your fingertips you can pull together an amazing dinner in no time.

chocolate semifreddo

Chocolate Semifreddo with Candied Orange Sauce

What is on your typical Shabat dinner and lunch menus?

Well, my family is very traditional when it comes to food.  We love gefilte fish, chicken soup, cholent etc.  my children enjoy a healthy version of carrot muffins that I came up with, potato kugel and chicken cutlets.  When I have company is when I go all out and get to experiment.

A sampling of recipes from the Dash Cookbook that are Kosher for Passover:

Veal Breast with Savory Vegetable-Matzah Stuffing
Chocolate Semifreddo with Candied Orange Sauce
Grapefruit Salad with Candied Pecans and Avocado

Slow Cooked Corned Beef with Wine