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The Ultimate Veggie Sliders

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Growing up as a vegetarian, there were two things I could expect to eat at school and community barbecues: Hamburger buns and potato chips.

Yeah, there didn’t tend to be too many veggie alternatives for people like me. Now don’t get me wrong, I really like potato chips. It’s just that something was always missing. Something like…my entire meal.

It would have pretty amazing to have these veggie sliders instead. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to like them, either. You just have to like fresh ingredients brought together in a deliciously flavorful way.

Think roasted sweet potatoes, chopped scallions, and fresh mushrooms sauteed with garlic. I’m in. You?

Here’s how to get them going:

Start with a sweet potato. A big one. Dice ‘im up. You want small pieces so they don’t overtake the little burgers.

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While they’re roasting, saute the garlic and mushrooms, then add scallions and sweet potatoes to the skillet and sprinkle soy sauce over everything.

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The rest is quick. Mash up some chickpeas and mix that with the vegetables from the skillet, along with some tomato paste, eggs, and breadcrumbs.

Then you pack the stuff into patties and fry them up in just enough oil to get them sizzling and browned. Not more than 2-ish tablespoons, probably.

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Let them drain on paper towels and then stick them into those cute little slider buns that everyone loves (I used Hindy’s recipe). Add some tomato or cucumber or lettuce or onion or avocado…

veggie sliders

And by all means, don’t forget the chips.

For the full recipe click here - The Ultimate Veggie Sliders.