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Jewish Challah Bread: The Ultimate Guide

What is challah? 

Challah is the Jewish egg bread served every week on Shabbat and is usually braided.  Challah is one of the most important and symbolic Jewish foods.  

Challah baking is part magic, part science and 100% spiritual. In fact, there is a great mitzvah (obligation) that requires us to separate the challah when making a large enough portion of bread and it is customary to make special private blessings for ourselves, loved ones and even strangers who may need our extra prayers.  


If you're looking for a more in depth explanation about challah with history, blessings, recipes and more, download our free ebook with everything you ever wanted to know about challah. It explains everything below in more detail. 

When to eat challah? 

We eat challah to start all Jewish meals, especially on Shabbat and holidays where we have two full loaves that commemorate the extra portion of manna the Jews in the desert took on Friday to honor Shabbat. 

How to make challah? 

Start with our 2 best challah recipes for tried and true challah everyone will be begging for.  

Continue down the page for more how to challah recipes, shaping techniques, flavor ideas, challah dough hacks and leftover challah recipes. 

Jamie Geller's Original Challah Recipe

Challah is the Jewish egg bread served every week on Shabbat and is usually braided. This is my famous, most requested 6 pound challah recipe. 

Jamie Geller' No Knead Challah Recipe

If you can plan ahead, you can make this uber easy challah that does't require any kneading. 

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