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DIY Chai Latte

chai latte diy

I cry...
...when I leave on tour. I actually think it's getting harder not easier as the kids get older. They understand that I am going, I understand how much I will be missing. How everyday something new, sad, exciting happens to them and I so badly want to be part and privy to it all. My daughter asked "why can't you have a normal job?" "Like what?" I answered/questioned, "like a teacher" she said (duhhh?!?!). Between us chickens I can tell you with as much certainty as a human being can muster, that I was definitely not born to be a teacher.

When I go to New York for business and events I have some routines that comfort me while I am far from home. My most favorite of which is landing at JFK and heading to Central Perk in Cedarhurst for 2 soy chai lattes. The first I enjoy on site with my egg white omelet and salad breakfast. The second I take to go as I race to my first meeting.

DIY homemade chai latte, my comfort food

I have come to miss my chai lattes when home and have found that most coffee shops in Israel don't list chai on the menu next to espresso and cappuccino. So taking matters into my own hands I developed this Chai Concentrate/Chai Latte with the aid of no less than 5 online recipes as a guide.

I am staring at my empty tea glass now, tummy warm from a mugful of chai. It's 64 degrees and I am facing the lush green mountains of Israel - my next trip to New York and Toronto many weeks away. I am home. And soon, the kids will be home from school. I think, sometimes (if just for the briefest of moments) you can have your cake and eat it too.