Letter From Jamie: Family Roles

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Summer 2016 Cover JOY of KOSHER with Jamie Geller Magazine

It’s always interesting to see how couples split up everyday tasks and assume roles within a marriage.  

I’ve often spoken about our friends Anita and Rabbi Lawrence. Anita does absolutely everything in her house. She grills, takes out the garbage, and drives even when both her and the rabbi are in the car. Rabbi Lawrence calls her “princess” and somehow, despite all that she does, I think she feels like one too.

Hubby always prefers to drive and I am more than happy to surrender my license. Seriously, since having kids I’m forever tired and fall asleep like a newborn with the purr of the car
engine. In our house, Hubby takes out the trash. Mostly because I stuff it so deep and pile it so high that I simply can’t lift it. (He just loves me for this!!!) And, Hubby grills.

BBQ Sides.jpg

We just hosted our first summer barbecue and everyone marveled at his skillz behind the grill. I just love handing over the tongs and focusing on barbecue sides (p.54). But our Ultimate Grilling Guide (p.42) was created especially for me (thank you, Shifra!) so that next time Hubby is picking up one of our VIP guests from the airport I won’t have to present steaks that could be mistaken for charcoal (sorry, Rabbi Kaplan!).

Ice Cream Drinks.jpg

EnJOY your summer with ice cream drinks (p.14), fresh seudah shlishit recipes (p.60), and real Neapolitan pizza (p.22).

Neapolitan Pizza.jpg

Keep cool.



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