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Good Morning New York!


Guess who will be on the WABC NY Morning News show at 9:45 am this Sunday, September 6, 2009?  Yup!  I'll be there, cooking up a special Rosh Hashanah dinner and discussing's top 10 tips for cutting costs while entertaining on the holiday.

Naturally, I'm nervous about what's most important—what I should wear!  Black is slimming, but how slim can you look at 7 months pregnant? Color looks good on TV, better than black, but then I might take up the whole screen... Alas, the powers-that-be thought I should be wearing a chef's coat (not slimming, people!), until I pointed out that it doesn't come in maternity sizes. Maybe we can find a apron.

Featured dishes will be based on the traditional simanim, those special foods we eat on Rosh Hashanah to focus our attention on the blessings we hope for in the coming year. Depending on the length of the segment, I'll try to explain why we use each of the foods as I prepare them. The menu is a little heavy on the sweet stuff, because we all want a sweet new year. There'll be apples and honey, of course, but there's so much more!

I'm going to offer several choices to the producers, so tune in to see what they decide to pick.  For "Starters" I'll suggest Unstuffed Cabbage Soup, Warm Salmon Salad, and Sweet Carrot Salad. Potential main courses include Honey Chicken, Chicken with Honey Roasted Cipollini Onions, Standing Rib Roast, or a Brisket in Wine Sauce. For sweet side dishes, I'm considering Saffron Apples, Cran-Apple Crunch Kugel, Potato Kugel Cups or Carrot Muffins. And for the part of the meal that everyone anticipates most (or is it just me?), dessert, I'm thinking of Applesauce Cake, One-Bowl Amazing Chocolate Cake, Puff Pastry Apple Purses, and Strawberry-Apple Shortcake Trifle.

See you on TV—and I'll be back next week to give you the behind-the-scenes scoop on the shoot!