My mom is now far away again.  

She quietly left Israel (temporarily I hope) with her new husband and returned to Philadelphia where she had previously lived for over 50 years.  The city I was born and raised in has welcomed my mom home with open arms.

But it doesn't mean these arms don't miss her and long to hug her.  Especially on a day that means so much.  

So to honor my 10,000 mile away mamma I thought I'd share some memories based on the pictures I have access to in Israel (my library of albums is slightly limited from aliyah).  

This first slide show is from birth until a few months ago.  Reminding me the love of a mother is strong and constant, at every stage of life.

This second slide show is a compilation of my mom's favorite foods (she has a thing for mousse and fries), which are conveniently perfect for Mother's Day.

I love you Mommy, and yes I know you "love me more" - a phrase I have stolen and now say to my own babies.

And love to all you moms out there who love and cook and hug me through your messages.  I have endless appreciation for you all.  Today is your day, I hope you can feel me hugging you back through these words.   

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So, to my mom who has inspired me in so many ways and to all the other mom's out there - Happy Mother's Day, you deserve to be recognized on this special day and always.