I’ve told you before that I have an alter ego, and her name is sporty spice.

Happily, Hubby is a sports lover too.

But I’ve had to adopt his customs. And so this Philly girl’s shabbos china sports Raiders' colors. Sadly I’ve had to suffer through almost a decade of my marriage following a team one unsatisfying season after the next. Thankfully I at least independently love my silver and black china pattern. 

But this year I can hold my head high cause our team made the playoffs! And, I’m told, we could’ve gone all the way this year if our quarterback wasn’t sidelined by an injury in the 2nd to last game of the regular season. (Hubby hopes you will all join him in wishing a refuah shleimah to Derek Carr).

So whether you’re tailgating or hosting a playoff party, feast on my favorite football foods. 

Watch how easy it is to cook up Kosher Corn Dogs, Fiery Harissa Wings, and the Cheesiest Nachos on the planet. No football for you, no worries--make these for din din or melava malka --I aim to please ALL!


Retro food is in and corn dogs are the quintessential old school fave. Perfect in every bite with crispy batter and juicy hot dog spiked with jalapeños.


Buh-Bye Buffalo and HELLO harissa! These hot wings have all the zip of the classic and then some. Forget what you know about dipping sauce, mayo, and whatever pareve cheese-like add-in, we have a healthy and creamy Tahini Dipping Sauce loaded with flavor and zero substitutions.


Serve our creamy nachos with plenty of guacamole. And don’t forget to pass the napkins, because our cheesy sauce is loaded with flavor and toppings.

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