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I Failed Again...

i failed post

I failed.
I did it again.

I didn’t fail because the cookies were dry.

I failed because Isaid the cookies were dry.

I have been playing around with a whole wheat, olive oil, cinnamon, chocolate chip cookie recipe.

My first batch came out excellent.

So naturally I tried to improve upon excellent.

Note to self, excellent is pretty excellent (as in, excellent enough!).

My second batch came out less than excellent.

Way less than excellent.

In fact they came out so very dry.

Even though I have given the same advice over and over and over again, in person and in print, I simply couldn't hold myself back.

I always tell you all not to make excuses for your food.  Your guests aren’t critics from the New York Times and don't know how the recipe was supposed to look or taste.

But I convinced myself this situation was different.  I wasn’t making silly excuses for missing ingredients.

The cookies were dry.

And I needed everyone to know that I knew that.

Really, I didn't want to serve the cookies.

But since they came out so excellent the first time I only made 108 this time, to keep in batches in the freezer.

So I had to serve them.

Really, because Hubby made me serve them.

Because he is not into wasting food.

And neither am I.

Unless the food is not edible (as in, really dry!).

And so I served the cookies.

But I just needed my guests to know that I knew that the cookies were dry.
And then Hubby called me out saying “you just couldn’t help yourself, could you?!”

Well I had the chance to do full teshuva (the Hebrew word for “return” with the common connotation of repenting for one’s sins but more accurately meaning a return to one’s original state).

I had 25 friends coming for a BBQ.

I had 72 cookies left to serve.

Do you think I was able to keep quiet and serve them with a smile?

*But what do you really  think I should have done?  The cookies were very dry (just reiterating in case you somehow missed that point) and I didn't want my guests to think I was delusional and thought the cookies were good, especially because I am me.  Thoughts?