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I Stop Eating After 6ish

no eating after 6pm

That’s my goal, most every night.

But now that the kids are getting older and staying up later and our dinner time has been pushed from around 4pm to around 5pm, I have turned my no eating after 6pm “rule” into a no eating after sometime between 6 and 7pm.

This cut off and adherence to it really stems from my desire to drop a few pounds. Not sure when I first came up with it or where I may have read about it but it’s been my thing for quite some time. Not saying I have been following it religiously for quite some time BUT I have gone in and out of implementing it for years. And I really do see a big difference in how I feel when I wake up in the morning if I stop eating earlier the previous evening. I generally feel lighter and happier and healthier in the AM. I don’t wake up bloated or with headaches or have the heavy, can’t-get-out-of-bed, feel-icky, kinda feeling. And my clothes fit better, right around my waistline, which is my problem area.

I did a stint a few years back at the Food Network and had the chance to meet lots of producers on different shows. I worked with one producer who worked with one food network star who I will not name but who has the build of a petite model more than a world famous food personality. She is not known for healthy cuisine per say or really for skimping on fat or calories in any way. I asked this new producer acquaintance of mine if this star even eats. Yes I know that was more than a little “gossipy” of me and I am not at all proud but sometimes you let your desire to “know” overcome you (and that inner voice that says “you should know better than to talk about other people”), especially when it comes to the secret of just how someone can work in food 24/7 and look like that! He said this star really does eat. (WOW really?!?!) But she doesn’t eat after 4pm. (WOW really, again?!?!) Now 4pm is really early to cut it off in my opinion. But then again I am sure there are night owls out there who think my 6-7pm cut off is really too early.

For me, my 6-7pm no eating “rule” works (and lets’ be honest this is one of those rules that was made to be broken when the occasion calls for it) because it falls within a reasonable time frame for my schedule. It’s post dinner but with enough time pre lights out to digest. I spend the rest of the evening drinking loads of water (when I am super disciplined).

Do you have a cut-it-off nighttime food time or evening food or drink ritual that you follow?