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Jamie's Rosh Hashanah Revelation & a BIG Recommendation

One major revelation I had (while reflecting back on my year) right before Rosh Hashanah was how important it is to thank the people that help you throughout your life; especially during times when you really need it.

Here is my thank you to you!

And more thanks because I can’t help myself.

And so I’d like to publicly thank one of our newest brand partners, Get PEYD, a travel agency that handles all of our team’s international and domestic travel—from Israel, to New York, to Florida, to Los Angeles, to Chicago, to Cleveland, to Boston, to Toronto, to (insert destination here)… 

For my most recent trip, Get PEYD handled everything from airline booking, to hotel reservations, to car reservations for my whole team; including my Culinary Director, my VP of Marketing and of course moi (we all live in different parts of the world). And one thing I didn’t anticipate was their cool amidst crazy eleventh-hour changes and cancellations (hellooooo hurricanessssss)!

l flew coast to coast with stops in the midwest and the south (and through a hurricane) to appear on morning shows across the country, making my Rosh Hashanah menu (featuring No-Knead Challah and Overnight Brisket). My grand finale and final stop was in the Big Apple (insert perfect RH food pun here!) for the Today Show. I was freaking out—like totally freaking out! I mean you can’t just cancel the Today Show!!! You just can’t!!!

Phew I made it, thanks to Get PEYD!

Phew I made it, thanks to Get PEYD!

So, not only did Get PEYD make sure I made it to all of my appearances, they continued to help me and my team redeem rewards for all of this travel. (YAY! I just love getting "PEYD" for snoozing in the sky.) 

Did you know that up to 90% of the 300 million+ points earned in frequent flyer miles and rewards points each year go unclaimed?! Sounds like a total and complete crime, right? But it’s usually because people like me and small businesses find redeeming points either too challenging or too time consuming.

And, the coolest thing about all of our earned rewards is that in addition to applying them to airfare and hotels, they can also be used for premium luxury experiences! (And I need a vacay from all this travel.) Get PEYD Travel works with luxury villas in destinations such as Jerusalem, Miami Beach, the Catskills, Maldives, Poconos and the Caribbean Islands. So… where do you think I should go?

Another great Get PEYD perk is their PEYD360° program, which helps my company get the max value from our credit cards so we can accrue more points. With GET PEYD, you can always upgrade to business class (time to start traveling like the VIP you are!), because discounted business class tickets are their specialty.

I’m am shouting my Get PEYD props from the rooftops because I am truly thankful for their help during my professional time of need. (And cause they are an amazing team of people to work with. Yes I had a TEAM of people working on my account—and you can too!) Below is my just-landed-in-Florida-post-hurricane-Irma travel story; thankfully to the one above (remember to thank him too!) we just had some minor tree damage.