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The Joy of Kosher Cookbook Now Available

Joy of Kosher Cookbook Reveal

TODAY IS THE DAY!!! I am flipping, I am freaking, I am crying - tears of joy! My new cookbook Joy of Kosher is on shelves TODAY!!! If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to order your copy on Amazon and get it in two days!! Quick before the first printing sells out!

I am a woman of many words – 73,802 words to be exact – laid out over 384 pages in 207 recipes. Want another sneak peek?

This here is the cover…


And this is quite obviously the back cover…

joy of kosher cookbook back

And I threw in lots and lots of pictures of good, great, glorious food too, because I love ya.

Recipes that will never ever ever let you down. There’s even a holiday section and wine suggestions and a knock- those-socks-right-off-your-feet crazy cool sweet and savory challah section.

Some of my favorite Israel Inspired Dressed Up Recipes…

Hummus-Topped Ktzitzot


One day, Hubby asked me to make these itsy-bitsy beef patties. Super unfair. Never met a ktzitzah in my life.

Anita’s Pretty Lachmagine with Parsley Tahini


Anitasaysyou don’t have to make your own pie dough on a flat rock in your backyard either -- that’s why I love this woman!

Falafel Poppers with Lemon Sesame Schug


Yemenite schug is a spicy paste consumed for centuries by people with iron guts. Traditionally, it’s eaten straight. I double-dare you.

Yerushalmi Raisin Ring Kugel


If you like it than you shoulda put a ring on it, uh uh oh… sorry can’t help myself. Ok, who here gets this reference – and will admit it?

A family heirloom recipe that took me over 30 years to write down.

Daddy’s Mititei (Romanian Garlic Meat Kabobs) with Peach Salsa


What gives Daddy’s mititei authentically Transylvanian flavor is the loads and loads of garlic – not at all for the faint of heart.

A hot sweet bite of heaven that should be illegal.

Cherry Bourbon Hand Pies


Hubby made the monstrous mistake of getting between a crazy cookbook author and her pie. He will never do it again.

And, this time, I just can’t resist sharing my life and love with you. In this book, you’ll get to know not only me and Hubby, but my kids too. They’re just plain (adorable) normal kids, who happen to have a mother who writes cookbooks, among other things. Somehow they now expect a photographer to be recording their every move. And they’ve taken to tasting a new dish and remarking, “Needs a bit more something, don’t you think?”


A typical moment in the Geller household. Well, actually, we got this shot by promising, “Whoever hugs Mommy the hardest will get double desserts.”


Just because we nicknamed him Angel Face, doesn’t mean he’s an angel. Our photographer busted him right in the middle of this heist.


My Dad. Master chef and keeper of family recipes that were top secret – until I put them in my book. He still loves me, but…


Does this little darlin’ look like she would keep Mommy up all night?


It’s not bread. It’s challah. What could be more special than sharing this ancient tradition with your own children?


The desserts in this book are so yummy, the kids fight over who will serve them to our guests.


Look who won!

So much went into this book. I’m happy for you that it’s finally here. And happy for me too. Another notch in my belt – with every book, I have to let out another notch. Goes with the territory.

If you want all the delicious details, read this Q&A and read The Joy of Kosher Cookbook, It's Personal.

Did I say to make sure you get your copies now, today is the day!! Click here to order your copy on Amazon and get it in two days!