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The Kitchen Is Closed

jamie's kitchen

Growing up it was just the two of us girls, my younger sister and I.  My sister, always the pickiest of eaters never really ate at dinner time (she inconveniently was never hungry for what we were all eating when we were all eating it), but was always hungry for something other than dinner later in the evening, prompting one of my mom’s famous lines...


kitchen closed

I just now realized I do the same thing, kinda, sorta.  I don’t announce loudly that “the kitchen is closed” to all within earshot, I don’t hang a “sorry we’re closed” sign on the front door, but what I do, is turn off the lights.  At a certain point in the evening it’s lights out in that part of the house.  Signaling to all that undoubtedly, unequivocally, and assuredly the kitchen is closed.  Save for a cup of water should someone be thirsty.  I am VERY into hydration.


Do you treat your kids and kitchen like a 24-hour diner? Or do you have your own throw in the towel kitchen is closed routine?