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Travel The World Without Leaving Your Kitchen

beef bahn mi

So Tamar and her Hubby (and really the entire family) love to travel the world, evidenced by their most recent trip to Bali, which I had to locate on the map, and which took them 3 days and 4 planes to get to.  So I may be exaggerating just a bit about their trek but I believe I am afforded some level of creative license when it comes to proving my point.

I on the other hand, am a real homebody.  I know it seems like I travel a fair amount for work but I do it just for work.  I don’t love flying, or bussing, or training, or boating, or driving for that matter.  I do love walking and hiking but not camping!  I don’t even like to leave the house at night.  I generally only leave for simchas, work and school meetings.

We have begun to travel and explore the whole of Israel.  Check out our trip to the Hermon Ski Resort in the Golan Heights, the City of David in Jerusalem, The Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, and Morad Winery in Yokneam.  This I very much enJOY because Hubby does the driving (everything in Israel is “local” in that it’s just a car ride away) and we are together as a family on somewhat familiar ground.

But I do understand Tamar’s desire to tour and eat her way around the world (although I am not sure she would quite put it like that).  I just prefer traveling without leaving my kitchen.

Here are some wonderfully exotic, world inspired recipes  - thanks to the help of some of my friends – that you can recreate from the comfort of your kitchen.

See Tamar – I do get out some… or at least my friends do!


bubble and squeak

Bubble and Squeak

 Bubble and Squeak is a classic British comfort food dish, inspired by Jamie Oliver.  

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Swiss Chard Tart

Swiss Chard, Pear & Gruyère Tart

“One of my favorite lunches is a savory tart accompanied by a green salad. A few years ago, I spent several weeks working on a pastry assignment in Cascais, a small seaside town outside of Lisbon, Portugal. It was a quaint beach town with cobblestone streets and outdoor cafés that catered to the many tourists who flooded the town in the summer. Tucked away on a side street was an eclectic French café that served incredible lunches. The menu, which changed daily, was mostly composed of savory tarts, tartines, and salads. It soon became my hangout spot and to this day is the inspiration for many of the savory tarts I make.“ - Aran Goyoaga

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Sauerbraten – Classic Roast Beef with Apples and Raisins

“Classic German roast, my mom’s favorite for special occasions and holidays. I love to prepare it for Rosh Hashanah with apples, raisins and dried fruit like apples, apricots and figs that add a wonderful aroma and flavor to the meat. It’s a sweet and sour flavor, and the meat is so tender after being marinated for 3 days. If you don’t have enough time, at least try to marinate for a day.” - Tom Franz

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“Polenta has been eaten in Northern Italy for at least 3,000 years! It was initially made with spelt; once the Venetians introduced maize after the discovery of America, it became the ingredient of choice. If you have only tried the instant version, you need to upgrade to the real thing! Polenta tastes wonderful when served with either earthy stews or flavorful cheeses and stewed mushrooms.” - Alessandra Rovati

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Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya

Slow Cooker Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya

“A Louisianne Creole dish of Spanish and Fench influence… Jambalaya is traditionally made in three parts, with meat and vegetables and is completed by adding stock and rice.” – Wikipedia

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chicken filled brik

Moroccan Chicken-Filled Brik

With Saffron Orange Honey Brik is the North African version of the boreka, typically consisting of a thin dough around a filling and usually deep fried.

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Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja

The archipelago of The Canary Islands, though just off the coast of Africa, is officially part of Spain. The islands would be the last stop ships made on their way to The New World, and the first stop on their way back. This meat dish originated there and made its way to both Spain and Latin America.

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Teriayki Beef Banh Mi with Sesame Cucumber Salad

Teriyaki Beef Banh Mi with Sesame Cucumber Salad

This tasty meal is a take on a traditional Vietnamese sandwich and a great way to use leftover beef you grilled the night before. If you don’t have any leftovers, simply grill skirt steak or flank steak marinated in teriyaki sauce and cool completely. This sandwich would be great with rotisserie chicken as well!

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Now if only I could have earned frequent flier miles for all of that!