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Watch and Make Your Own Lemon Lovers Hummus

I have already told you more than once that I’m a sucker for hummus, on EVERYTHING - my eggs, my salads, my burgers, my bagels, my gefilte, my roasted veg and my falafel, of course! 

Sometimes I schmear it, sometimes I dip it. Sometimes I serve it with tahini and schug, sometimes with za’atar chickpeas, and sometimes with roasted red peppers. But most always I serve it with a dusting of sumac or paprika, a drizzle of olive oil, and a sprinkle of fresh torn parsley or coriander leaves.

cookbook with hummus

It’s my new working theory that every self-respecting Israeli should know how to make homemade hummus. So this is my beloved Lemon Lovers Hummus recipe from my  book JOY of KOSHER Fast Fresh Family Recipes for which you can see reviews around the web, here and here.  And here you can watch my video for how-to-make-hummus in 3:37.

I use canned chickpeas and a nice amount of good quality extra virgin olive oil for a quick, smooth, and creamy, exquisite tasting hummus. Tamar uses dried chickpeas that she soaks and cooks for that creamy taste without the added fat. Of course, that’s an extra few steps – but certainly an option. Alternatively, you can also swap water for some or all of the oil in my recipe.

I love hummus with loads of lemon, garlic, and enough cumin that I can taste it. How do you like yours?