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Watch Jamie Lose It

Watch Jamie Lose It

I tried doing the math. I believe it’s about 348 pounds that I’ve gained and lost over the last 13 years. You’d think that makes me an expert. Well, weight loss is not one of those practice-makes-perfect exercises, as I recently learned a few months ago.

You see, with my most recent pregnancy I gained 65 pounds. People asked if I was having twins. And at the 7 month mark I was already getting those “hang in there - any day now” compassionate comments and looks. The only thing worse than ALL of that was the fact that after I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy someone (a WOMAN!) looked down at my belly, then looked up at me and said “I thought you would’ve already had your baby by now.” I responded as can be expected. With tears. Lots of them.

After tipping the scales at over 200 pounds (I can’t be sure exactly how much I gained because once the first number turned to a 2 I couldn't look - and couldn't see!) I was determined to lose the weight. I mean who wouldn’t be? I had to be on TV 6 weeks post-delivery and that was as good a motivator as any. I reached 180 pounds right around the bris and used that momentum to propel me forward. I cut the carbs and the sugar and deprived myself of oh so much. And I only lost a few more pounds by TV time. It was so depressing. How could I be working so hard and for so many weeks to have lost just a few pounds?

Here I am on Good Day Alabama 6 weeks postpartum

Here I am on Good Day Alabama 6 weeks postpartum

Then came the Yom Tovim/High Holy Days - 1 month straight of feast after feast. Then our cousin’s wedding, and a few family gatherings, and the next thing I knew I was 180 pounds again. It was clear that in addition to divine intervention, I needed extra help. Whatever I had done to lose the baby weight over the past 10 years was simply not working. Between my age, the number of pregnancies, my hormones and hectic travel schedule, the pounds were not melting off but rather sticking to me like glue and I was fearful they would become permanent. I did not want this to be the new normal. I was tired of feeling icky about myself, tired of wearing maternity clothes 6 weeks postpartum and really just plain tired.

On October 11, 2015 I started Medifast.

Today, December 15, 2015 I have lost 18 pounds.

My goal weight is 125 pounds.

I have 37 more pounds to go but I feel great because I know I am on my way.

Hubby couldn’t believe the results. He wanted in.

As many of you may well know Hubby is such an incredibly supportive partner in so many ways. He never lets me go at anything alone. We are a team, we do everything together. Cook, eat, shop, eat, work, eat (anyone have a clue as to what the problem is?). We spend considerably more time together than the average couple. And so it goes that we gain weight together too. And now that I’m finally losing weight (Thank you G-d! and Medifast) we are doing this together too. We are partners and we are so totally in it to win it - GO TEAM!

Here we are together right after the bris/8 days post-delivery.

Jamie Geller and baby

I am 180 pounds in this pict – strategically using my bundle of JOY to cover my belly and here is Hubby at 264 pounds.

Hubby has already lost 17 pounds, with 47 pounds to go. His goal weight is 200 pounds.  

Via Instagram, using the hashtag #WatchJamieLoseIt you can follow our journey, day-by-day as we try to reach our goal by Pesach/Passover. I’ll be sharing my daily meals, weight loss tips, terribly-embarrassing-never-before-seen before pics as well as (hopefully) less embarrassing progress shots and of course Lean & Green Medifast Recipes.

Hubby and I are doing the Medifast program which gives us access to weekly progress calls with our very own private and personal weight loss counselor. Our counselor’s name is “JAMIE!” and she is awesome. Not only has she kept us accountable but she’s a super duper motivator. We talk and email all the time and she is always sharing incredibly inspiring stories and motivational tips with us that I’ll be sure to share with you.

You can expect to lose about 3-5 pounds per week on Medifast if you are completely compliant with the program but we have found our average weekly weight loss to be about 2-3 pounds per week due to the following factors.

Life: Chanukah, birthdays, family get-togethers, etc…

Work: It’s no secret my job includes testing and developing recipes like FRIED ICE CREAM!

Shabbos: It’s important to us to eat the requisite amount of challah (known as a k’zayis) at each of the 3 meals and to enjoy a small amount of wine at the evening and day seudahs/meals. We also happily accept invitations to our friends’ homes and we refuse to insult the host by not partaking of small portions of most everything.

So here we go, together. Come cheer us on, keep us honest, be inspired...

Click here to join us and register for Medifast, the plan that's working for us. 

Click here to for Lean and Green recipes ideas. 

To watch me (totally!) lose it, step-by-step, day-by-day, pound-by-pound follow along on my instagram account and right here with #WatchJamieLoseIt. (And keep a look out for those terribly embarrassing picts I promised!)

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