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I really do cook from the pages of my books and the recipes on our site. This is my very vast and very personal recipe box. I hope you enjoy the selection (we have over 10,000 recipes!!!) and mix and match as freely as I do. Here are some ideas for you menu based on what I eat in a day.


Anything I can make yesterday, for today, makes me super duper happy. Enter Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats

I make a big batch for the morning and then let everyone customize with their favorite toppings (usually some combo of nuts plus fresh or dried fruit).


The perfect Veggie Burger is hard to come by. 

veggie burger

The best ones are a bit of a “patchke” and so I make and freeze v.burgers in bulk. This way I am only cooking the rice, sautéing the veg and cleaning all those food processor parts once every few months. My favorite veggie burger topping is CHEESE. 

Homemade Veggie Burger

Either sliced Havarti, muenster, or Swiss or crumbled goat, Bulgarian or feta. I mean the whole point of the veggie burger is cheese! Right?!


I once, like a decade ago, bought a belly fat diet book. I think, in total, I read one paragraph (but it was an important one!!!) that cited a study proving dark chocolate blasts belly fat. I have taken that finding to heart and have religiously implemented this science ever since. (Maybe too religiously!). So this dark chocolate break is brought to you by that belly fat book. 

But of course, I can’t just have dark chocolate. That would be boring. So I made some Halva Bark with the kids. But of course they can’t suffer through halva (why I am the only halva lover in this family?!?!?) so we also made a side of kiddie bark - with whatever we had in the house that spoke to them. Now all bellies in this house are happy, fed and fueled by dark chocolate.


When I want a winner, winner, chicken dinner we fry up some Schnitzel. I am using the royal “we” since this job is reserved for my 14-year-old. Who loves it, so… YAY!


Served with a side of couscous prepped in 5 minutes according to pkg directions and Israeli Salad (cut by my 9-year-old) and dinner is done.


Tonight Hubby and I just nibbled at dinner saving our collective appetite for date night…


So nuuuuuu, tell me what you ate today...