10 Savory & Sweet Sandwiches for July 4th

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4th of july sandwiches

When I first started becoming religious it was a real challenge to sort through the secular holidays to decide which ones I still felt comfortable celebrating.  Certain holidays got the boot, but I'm proud that July 4th is a holiday that my secular and religious cohorts alike celebrate with relatively equal vigor.  Now, I'll stop myself from going on a rant about how great America is and what a blessing it is that American Jewry has flourished so beautifully.  I will be newly arrived in Israel this 4th of July where my celebrations will be much more subdued, but I plan to celebrate by giving thanks for the simple, and often overlooked, pleasures that we enjoy in America.  With that simplicity in mind, here are 10 sweet and savory sandwiches, the ultimate marriage of simple and satisfying, to enjoy this 4th of July, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

Non Dairy Cashew Ice Cream Sandwiches

Teriyaki Beef Banh Mi with Sesame Cucumber Salad + Cashew Ice Cream "Sandwiches": No need to be intimidated, these seemingly complex sandwiches are composed of food that is likely already in your kitchen.  After enjoying the mild heat of chili sauce on the beef bahn mi try these one-bite pareve cashew ice cream sandwiches; think of this meal as the distant cousin of the steak sandwich and tofutti ice cream bar.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich + Orange Chocolate Meringue Kiss Sandwich: The sandwich is so versatile, as evidenced not only by this post, but by the buffalo chicken sandwich.  Whether you are transforming leftover chicken or have been dreaming about buffalo sauce, the buffalo chicken sandwich is a cinch to make.  Picky crowd? Make a sauce station where guests can choose sauces ranging from sweet to spicy according to their preference.  The orange chocolate meringue kiss sandwich is a small sweet treat to enjoy after the spicy buffalo chicken.

Almond Butter and Jelly Cookies

Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich + Almond Butter and Jelly Sandwich Cookies: This sandwich combination seemingly encapsulates childhood, but with a grown-up twist that makes them fit to serve to guests on July 4th.  The spinach pesto grilled cheese will knock your socks off, it's so simple yet so delicious.  Similar to the grilled cheese, the almond butter and jelly sandwich cookies are a breeze to prepare.  Make extras and freeze them so you always have a tasty treat on hand.

Kouftikes de Prasa Sandwiches

Kouftikes de Prasa Sandwiches + Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches:  Don't worry, I also am confident that I will butcher the pronunciation of the kouftikes, but that won't matter once you get a taste of these lovely leek patties with harissa and preserved lemon red cabbage.  On the bright side, brownie ice cream sandwiches are super easy to pronounce and even easier to watch them disappear into the hands of giddy children and adults alike.

Mini Chocolate Coconut Sandwiches

Grilled Blackened Barramundi Sandwich + Mini Chocolate Coconut Sandwiches: Fish and coconut are such a perfect match, although perhaps not as good as chocolate and coconut.  Break out the grill this 4th of July and enjoy grilled blackened barramundi, or the fish of your choice, in this delightful sandwich.  End on a sweet note with mini chocolate coconut sandwiches that are reminiscent of the all-American favorite, the whoopie pie.

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