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I can’t say Dad is ever too surprised when I do something well, because he expects great things from me! 

The fact is that he gave me the confidence to believe in myself, and the gumption to do anything and everything I ever wanted. For that -- and for teaching me how to ride a bike and how to drive a car (“Look where you’re going! Look where you’re going!”) I want to say thank you.

I looked where I was going, Dad -- and now, see where I am. 

See here my recent lunch with Daddy...

I won't be able to spend this Father's Day with my Dad, but in his honor I will host a BBQ.  Uh-hum, correction: Hubby will BBQ and for all of you out there making your own BBQ's we have 20 fabulous recipes with a special focus on Bourbon, Bacon (the kosher kind of course) and Ribs, the three Father's Day most popular foods.  If your Dad is more of a burger and dog kind of guy check out my fave Father's Day Burger and Dog Toppers

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