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We all know honey makes things sweeter and is one of the symbols of the Rosh Hashanah holiday to symbolize the beginning of a sweet new year.  

There is much more to know about honey and not all honey is created equal. Rosh Hashanah is the best time to explore the wonders of honey for cooking and eating by the spoonful. 

Here are 18 honey recipes for Rosh Hashanah that also showcase the many ways honey can be used in your cooking. 

We also explore many varieties of honey in these dishes, but I highly recommend picking up a few from Savannah Bee for a fun honey tasting this year. 

Tupelo Honey Lime Vinaigrette

Honey Lime vinaigrette dressing

Tupelo honey is the gold standard by which all other honeys are measured.  Use this dressing simply over a salad, as a vegetable dip or a marinade for chicken. 

Carrot Apple Slaw with Acacia Honey and Orange Juice

wide carrot apple slaw

Acacia honey offers a clean, light vanilla taste and is made from the delicate blossoms of the Acacia tree.  The flavor complements the carrots and apple in this slaw, but the dressing can be used on any salad as well. 

Citrus Salad with Beets, Candied Kumquat andTangerine Honey Vinaigrette (goat cheese optional)

citrus salad

Any premium honey will work in this salad that has layers of flavor. 

Corn and Honey Blinis with Kosher Caviar

corn and honey blinis with kosher caviar

Mini corn cakes kissed with honey offer the perfect base for a fancy first course serving of caviar.  

Honey Tuna Tartare with Honey Sesame Chips

Tuna Tartar with Honey Sesame Wonton Crisps

Honey is used in this recipe to flavor the tuna and the chips.  Thin and crisp the chips are wonerful snack.

Tupelo Honey Mustard and Panko Salmon

HOney Mustard Salmon

Try this salmon as an entree or make them bite size pieces and serve as a first course. 

Asian Vegetables with Quinoa

Asian Vegetables with Quinoa

Honey is a common ingredient in Asian stir frys providing a sweet taste and sticky texture. 

Roasted Carrots and Parsnips

Roasted Carrots and Parsnips

Add a little sweetnesses and glaze to your roasted veggies. 

Honey Pumpkin Side 

duck breasts + honey pumpkin

Roasted pumpkin screams for a little honey drizzle. 

Kishke Stuffed Chicken

Kishka Stuffed Chicken

Stuffed and breaded and drizzled with honey, the chicken cutlets can be made ahead and even freeze well. 

Grill Honey and Porter Glazed Chicken Kebabs

Grill Honey and Porter Glazed Chicken Kebabs

Grill it and put it on a stick, it is automatically a winner.  The Grill honey is specially suited to withstand high temperatures. 

Honey and Spice Glazed Turkey

Honey Spiced Turkey

Sweet and spice is always a great pairing and the honey locks in those spicy flavors.

Garlic Honey Brisket

Garlic Honey Brisket

Honey coats the brisket and keeps it moist.

Herbed Meatloaf with Honey Glaze

herbed meatloaf

Glaze it!

Orange Blossom Honey Cake

Honey Cake 2.jpg

Orange blossom honey explodes with bold sweetness and a subtle citrus flavor, it makes the best Rosh Hashanah Honey Cake!!  Use it in your favorite recipe or try this one made with rye flour for extra complexity. 

Honey Roasted Sweet Potato Stuffed Apples

Honey Roasted Sweet Potato Stuffed Apples

These can be a side dish or a sweet and savory dessert.  Love the way these roasted apples look on a plate. 

Mini Ginger Pear Cakes with Honey Brandied Figs

Mini Ginger Pear Cakes

Soak those figs in brandy for amazing flavor and try it with a pear cake. 

Savannah Honey and Apple Rosettes

Savannah Honey and Apple Rosettes.jpg

These are so gorgeous, but actually easy to make!! Give them a try. 

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