The countdown (or up) begins.  

For the past two years we have been posting a daily countdown article with tips and recipes to get you ready for Passover.  I am always bemused by those of you out there who get upset when they see the daily post with our X days until Passover symbol.  You should know that more than half of you love them, but I get that it can be stressful to see them looming over you like a ticking time bomb.   

The difference is that we know when this time bomb is going to go off and if you follow along and get our daily emails you will be ready.  Even if you save them all for later when you finally getting around to cleaning, I promise they will come in handy. 

Stay tuned for menu planning, wine recommendations, how and when to order your meat, setting your table and seder plate and so much more. 

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Today we just want you to start clearing out the cupboards.  Here are 27 recipes that will make you love getting ready for Passover, most will work with whole grain flours or pastas so feel free to swap with what you have in house. 

27 recipes to use up your chametz, clean out your pantry and get ready for Passover