The real thing please. What could possibly beat the real thing? 

Shabbos and Yom Tov are no excuse for making junk. But if junk is what usually appeals to you, go ahead and recast your favorites in a perfectly healthy way, and get good junk. 

My latest cookbook is chock-full of menu ideas for every occasion. Going with three no-brainer model menus: seasonal, easy, and super children-friendly.

Here are some of my favorite Shabbat menu combos

Levana Veggie Burgers

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Beet, Kale and Seaweed Salad

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Moroccan Pea Soup 74

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As a gift, here are the recipes for three of my all-time kids’ favorites:




Levana's Chocolate Chip Cookies 75

This recipe is in all my cookbooks. I can never make enough of these, and apparently, neither can thousands and thousands of people. A few years ago, I was involved with a few friends in a massive fund-raising project and made a million cookies (yes, a million, and then some!). You would think I would get tired of them. Absolutely not! The egg-free version is almost as good—I make them for my egg-allergic granddaughter all the time. Besides high-quality ingredients, the secret of a good chocolate chip cookie is a soft and chewy texture, achieved by baking them only until they are just cooked, not a second longer. Remember, they continue to cook for a minute or two even as they cool.

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Try my favorites and I bet they will become your favorites. 

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