People who bake know that there are certain things you just do. One, you use flour- sifting it with baking powder for cakes, sprinkling generous amounts of it on a board before kneading dough, stirring fluffy white batches in for cookies. Second, you use an oven; prepping it until it is blazingly hot and then lovingly pushing your doughy creation into the heat box.

Recently, though, my pride hit the fan when I realized my stomach wasn’t bouncing back from a (let’s say, ahem, “international stomach incident”) like I had in the past. After doing some research, I realized that gluten can be a culprit in stomach uneasiness. And this move from wheat has changed my life!

Y’all- I feel so much better, my head feels clearer, and there is an all-around feel-good to my eating that I haven’t had for a long while. But it doesn’t change the fact that I still loooove sweets....


gluten free honey pretzels

November is prime time for football lovers, and along with the contest comes a drive for winning snacks. These classic Gluten Free Honey Butter Pretzels are baked, hot out of the oven, and drizzled with local honey and flaky sea salt. Easily portable, and a perfect foil for that salty-sweet craving every fan understands around half time, these will satisfy whether at home or away.   

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coconut pecan bars

These gluten-free brownies are the ultimate labor of love, but worth every delicious step. Once out of the oven, your house filled with the aroma of melted chocolate and toasted coconut, they might even trump the smell of a holiday turkey. The homemade caramel topping is not to be missed, and I promise your friends will more than likely prefer these over the boxed variety. Stacked on a plate with some cold glasses of milk, and it's go time.

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Almond Popcorn Bars

A vegan spin on the classic popcorn bar laden with butter and sugar, this is healthier version, full of dried cranberries, toasted almonds, and a yummy, chocolate almond butter drizzle. A great after-school snack, these easy-to-assemble bars might disappear as soon as you make them, but you and your satisfied snackers will have no complaints- and the energy to conquer the rest of your day.  

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