Other than the turkey, stuffing is one of Thanksgiving’s most iconic foods. And while most people split on whether it should be cooked inside the bird or cooked alongside in a pan, one thing is certain: it’s just not Turkey Day without it.

But often stuffing is an afterthought--bags of pre-toasted crumbs moistened with broth and lightly seasoned. And while that’s good, we really wanted to make something worth your once-a-year Thanksgiving feast. So, we’re giving turkey’s sidekick the hero treatment this year. We’re leaning on some traditional ingredients like cornbread, turkey and mushrooms, as well as new ones like farro, apples, and dates. Check out these stuffing recipes for some unique and tasty takes on this holiday must-have.


Save your leftover challah (or make or buy more) for this fall flavored stuffing made with tart Granny Smith apples and sweet dates. And of course, lots of challah.


Honey-Cornbread Stuffing

Crumbled cornbread gives this sweet and savory stuffing it’s flavor and texture. You can make the Honey Cornbread up to a month in advance, and freeze before it’s time to make the stuffing.


Rich Turkey-Mushroom Stuffing

Mushrooms, schmaltz, and farro--this isn’t your everyday stuffing. We’ve also added turkey and kashered chicken livers for a side dish designed stand on it’s own.


gluten free stuffing

Stuffing is back on the menu with our gluten-free version. A combo of gluten-free bread and cornbread, the secret to making this dish taste like the real thing: toasting the bread and letting it sit for a day or two.

Now that you’re planning a stuffing upgrade, how do you plan to serve it--inside the bird or baked in a pan?

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