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5 Cheeses Everyone Should Know


Hi everyone, I am The Cheese Guy or some may say “The Cheese-y Guy. My trademark is high end, small batch, primarily handmade, artisanal cheeses – particularly organic, kosher and low-fat.  My cheeses are a blend of creativity and flavor – a colorful fusion of my Eastern European Jewish heritage, the ethnic Italian neighborhood that I grew up in and my proximity to Amish farm territory.   The Cheese Guy - Raising the "CHEESE-Y" to an Art.  We partner with small and family owned dairy farms in order to produce our extra creamy jacks, crumbled blues, local sharp cheddars, tangy goats and imported Italian and European specialty cheeses.  Some of our cheese wheels are naturally aged and washed with organic extra virgin olive oil by Brent, in our New York cheese cellar. This is done in order to give our cheese a complex flavor and sharpness usually found in European style cheeses. We are excited to be taking Kosher cheeses to entirely new heights.

I know fancy cheeses are new to many of you, so think of this as a cheat sheet to get you started.  Cheese is very subjective and some are an acquired taste, but I urge you to at least open your palate and give them a taste.  All The Cheese Guy cheeses are certified kosher, the ones listed here are all OU and many are Chalav Yisroel (check the packaging).

1.Pecorino fresco al Pepe Nere

Fresh sheep’s milk cheese with black peppercorns, from Sicily. A mild, tangy and creamy table cheese with a bit of spice that does not overwhelm. Is perfectly suited to make Caccio e Peppe.  All natural, hormone and antibiotic free, gluten free.

2. Pecorino Romano

This pecorino is a hard cheese because it is aged over 2 years (unlike the one above).  Pecorino Romano is a fragrant, sheep’s milk cheese produced in Sardenia, Italy. Good for grating shaving on pasta, salads and for using in risotto dishes. All natural, gluten free and hormone free.

3. Smoked Scamorza - from Lazio region of Italy outside Rome.

It's naturally low fat and low sodium.  Similar to mozzarella, Smoked Scamorza has a buttery and slightly more bitter flavor than mozzarella. It also has a firmer texture than mozzarella.  Its structure is typically in layers. Its taste is slightly sweet and savory.  It can be eaten either uncooked as it is, or cooked in various dishes to add flavor as it is good for melting. Slice it thinly with extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs.

4. Blue cheese wedge

Handcrafted, “60 Days Aged” blue. Use as a topping on salads, in dressings and on gourmet cheese platters. Made along with 3rd generation Wisconsin Cheese makers.  Try this Vegetarian Cobb Salad.

5. Sharp cheddar

Aged over 6 months, sharp and creamy.  Using NY and Northeast local milk. All natural.  Our sharp cheddar is excellent with fresh fruit, and crackers. It pairs deliciously with red wine for an easy snack with company. With a sandwich and an apple, it's a protein rich meal for your child’s sack lunch. Cold or melted, sharp cheddar becomes the key ingredient in burritos, pasta, and even on salads.

Now that you know a thing or two about cheese, let’s get cooking.

3 cheese pizza

3 Cheese Pizza

layered potatoes and cheese

Baked Pecorino Fresco

horseradish omelet

Cheese Omelet with Horseradish

This list is just the beginning, check out my site, for all our cheese offerings and where to buy it for yourself.