5 Honey Cake Recipes For Rosh Hashanah

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orange honey cake

Rosh Hashanah is the time when we ring in the Jewish New Year, and we want to do it in as sweet a way as possible. As a symbol of the sweet new year we hope is to come our way, we dip an apple in honey, and make a bracha loud and clear. We also have the custom to drizzle honey over the challah, and eat honey cake for dessert. One helpful tip I discovered while making honey cake is to briefly microwave your honey (for about 10 seconds) before measuring it for your recipe. This makes the honey come out of the container much more quickly. To save yourself a sticky mess, spray your measuring cup with some non-stick cooking spray before measuring your honey.  Now try one of these new honey cake recipes.

Mom’s Honey Cake

This basic honey cake recipe freezes well, so you can save any leftover for Succot. Just make sure to test for doneness, because cooking time can vary from 15-45 minutes depending on your oven.

Break out of the box with this honey cake recipe, which fuses orange and honey. Apples will be so jealous!

Hazelnut Honey Cake

Nuts, honey, and wine: all of the Rosh Hashanah essentials packaged into one delicious dessert. What could be better?

Honey Cake Muffin

Honey Cake Muffins

This year, cupcakes and muffins were increasingly popular, with more cupcake shops opening and more unique and healthy options of muffins available. Take the trend home with these perfectly portioned Honey Cake Muffins, perfect for dessert and a sweet breakfast on Rosh Hashanah.

Moist and easy to bake, this cake is a winner. For a smoother, more uniform taste and consistency, combine all wet ingredients first.

Now, I know you will have a SWEET New Year.

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