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There is nothing quite like the sweet and tart taste of fresh cranberry sauce.  It is a classic (and colorful) complement to turkey and other seasonal dishes and easier to prepare than you might think.  

Of course, for some people, like Hubby I still have to serve the jellied cranberry sauce out of the can – just like his mommy did. (Is it “sauce,” if you clearly see the can lines embedded in it?) But all you foodies out there will appreciate these recipes. 

I know some people may find it easy when their significant other wants store-bought dinner rolls and jarred cranberry sauce. Me, I find it stifling. My kitchen creativity can’t take such an onslaught. I say, can’t we both just enjoy a little Cranberry Mustard Sauce or Cranberry Jalapeno Relish one day a year!? Is it asking too much?

Make your own cranberry sauce this year with these creative recipes and leave the can behind!

Which one will you be serving this year? Tell us in the comments below.