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A Fondue Family Holiday Feast + 5 Table Setting Tips

Are you looking for a fun and decadent way to enjoy your dairy delights this Shavous? This year I’m hosting a Fondue Party! I can’t wait.

The plan is to have everything preset on the table so I can enjoy my guest’s company, and not be busy plating and serving all night. The beauty of this kind of menu is that everyone can feel relaxed, at home and help themselves to their favorite fondue combinations. If they want to start with dessert first, no one will stop them!

fondue table

There are two basic types of fondues, chocolate & cheese. I am making a white chocolate fondue and a savory cheese fondue. For a fondue, it is great to have two sets of ingredients, the ingredients you dip into the fondue and the ingredients you add for crunch to the coated fondue items. 

Two Basic Recipes: 

1. Cheese Fondue Recipe

2. Chocolate Fondue Recipe


white chocolate fondue


Figs, strawberries, banana , marshmallow, waffle bites, and big hot pretzels . 

Crunch factor: 

Crushed nuts, halva, sprinkles, toasted coconut, and fresh mint.


savory cheese dippers


Seared sea bass bites, chili rubbed faux shrimp, asparagus, broccoli, vine tomatoes , roasted artichoke hearts, roasted potato fingers, crunchy breaded eggplant, baguette, crispy corn tortillas, green olives.


Tomato sauce, fresh basil, guacamole, salsa, jalapeños , and Parmesan cheese.

fondue party

Setting your Perfect Table


1. TABLECLOTH: Look beyond your linen closet when choosing your tablecloth. I pressed a beautiful white linen curtain and folded it length wise to form a large runner at the base of my table.

2.LAYERING: Then I layered it with a strip of artificial grass that I purchased at my local hardware store. (make sure to get the thicker grass that looks like real grass) You want the runner to fit in the center of the table, leaving enough space for your dinner plates on either side.

3.FLOWERS: I absolutely love fresh cut flowers, but I have been obsessing over these mini orchid plants I purchased for a few dollars at my local farmers market. The blooms will last for several weeks. Stagger them down the grass runner.

4.CANDLES: I wanted to bring the outdoors in, as if we were dinning al fresco on a warm summer night. I used 3 gorgeous ceramic lanterns and many pillar and votive candles to illuminate the table and bring that magic sparkle into my home.

5. PLACE SETTING: Set the table with a large dinner plate. Instead of a salad plate I chose a mini wooden cutting board. This would go great if you were serving personal cheese boards, a rustic pre-plated salad or a warm appetizer. Then I rolled up my cutlery “picnic style” in starched white linen napkins and tied with rope. Add large water and champagne glasses.

cheese pot