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A Healthy Brunch Menu

winter citrus salad

As I sit down to write up this menu, I am still full from the Sunday birthday brunch I just came from for my almost 9 year old niece.  My sister in law got raves for her egg casserole and pecan streusel french toast souffle, which she noted are her faves because she can prep the night before.  They were delicious, but after hearing about how they were made, I have to admit I wouldn't be recreating them.  I have an aversion to cooking foods with that are not even dessert, with too much fat or sugar. 

veg platter

Just a few days after Chanukah and a long winter ahead of us, I thought the best Brunch menu I could share would be one low in calorie, high in vitamins and still easy to prepare.  Most people will have bagels, lox and cream cheese (at least at any respectable Jewish home for brunch), so my best advice is never leave off the veggies.  Make sure to include a platter of sliced tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cucumbers.  Consider offering ricotta cheese as a spread of choice that has only 25 calories per tablespoon versus the 50 calories in average cream cheese.

Pine Apple Fruit Salad

I love to serve lots of salads including this favorite Fall Fruit Salad or a nice Citrus Salad is also great this time of year and will give you and your guests lots of immune boosting vitamin C.  Favorite brunch vegetables salads would include:

Now for the eggs, it is always nice to have an eggy dish at the table and I am all for eggs, but considering there is a need to serve a lot of food when having company, let's stick to egg whites or egg substitute this time, not only will it save calories, but it will save you time, no need to crack any eggs.

Here is a recipe for an egg white frittata, but any frittata recipe on the site can be made using egg substitute, just use 1/4 cup per egg.

Nutty Breakfast Parfait

Stay away from layered french toast type dishes ands tick to layered yogurt and granola parfaits!!

Or try one of our savory yogurt bowls like this one with Roasted Beets Carrots and Hazelnuts.

morning muffin

If you really like to bake, try something with a few more vegetables and/or lower in fat and sugar, like these morning carrot muffins.

Finally, instead of potatoes, consider a crunch flavorful cauliflower dish, like this one smothered with Tahini.

What do you like to serve for brunch? Want any ideas for healthier swaps for your favorite go tos? Let me know in the comments below.