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A Kosher Wine for Every Personality


She was a real beauty.  Sparkling like gold.  Bubbly and vivacious, her charm and refinement were refreshing and unexpected.  Over the course of dinner, she seemed to really open up and I discovered things I had never expected to find.  That night I fell in love with French Champagne.

Every wine has a personality.  And there is a personality for every wine. I wanted to share my completely unscientific wine personality pairings to help you play matchmaker next time you are having a dinner party or guests over for Shabbat.

Bold and Spicy

You know the type.  They speak their mind and tell it like it is.  You have to read their emails when no one else is looking and sometimes you wished they came with a seven-second delay.  But you wouldn’t let anyone else talk to you like that.  That’s friendship.  You need a wine with some kick and a little fire?  Try these two.

2006 Herzog Special Reserve Zinfandel (Lodi, California); $26.

2007 Binyamina Reserve Shiraz (Israel); $22.

Light and Bubbly

A smile that lights up a room.  A laugh that is contagious.  They are the life of the party and always fun.  A great choice for the New Year or any other day, these two wines are light and effervescent and a great way to start or end a meal.  If you like it dry, go Brut.  If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try the Moscato.

NV Herzog Selection Blanc de Blancs Brut (France); $13.

2010 Bartenura Moscato (Italy); $13.

Rich and Smooth

They always know exactly what to say.  When to say it.  Where to say it.  A touch of class and refinement is a great quality in a friend and in a wine.  Bring these two classic Cabernet over for dinner and you will never have to apologize for your choice.

2007 Herzog Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley, California); $30.

2007 Segal's Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Israel); $15.

Strong and Complex

They make you think.  Sometimes they make you wonder.  Nothing is ever simple --but good friendships are worth the time.  You know you’re in for a long memorable night.  These wines have a lot going on.  From the first taste to the long finish, you will be amazed at how much power is packed inside the bottle.

2008 Herzog Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Alexander Valley, California); $30.

2008 Capcanes Peraj Ha’Abib Flor de Primavera (Spain); $52.

Down to Earth

Honest.  Real.  No pretense.  These are friends you want to keep in your life forever.  They remember your birthday.  They remember your parents.  They remember that trip you took together when you…  We’ll save that story for another time.  For now, enjoy these two Old World classics that stay true to their terroir (the combination of land, soil and earth that make a wine from a particular region unique).

2007 Chateau Fourcas Dupre' Listrac-Medoc (Bourdeaux, France); $27.

2005 Elvi Adar (Spain); $23.