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A Little Meat Goes A Long Way

salmai stuffed mushrooms

This article and recipes are sponsored by Joburg Kosher.

One of the trends we have seen this year has been to use less meat in our diets for health and for the environment.  The best way to do that is to use very flavorful meat to flavor vegetable filled dishes.  Many non kosher people use bacon and prosciutto in this way, cured meats with a smokey and salty flavor.  We can use salami.  Joburg started as a Boerewors (South African Sausages) and Biltong (South African beef jerky) company.  Recently they have introduced an Old World Beef and Veal Salami.

joburg salami

The salami is sold fresh or dried with garlic or spicy.  You can slice up the dried salami and serve on an antipasto plate with a bunch of vegetables or you can chop it up and use it to flavor all your cooking.  Here are two recipes that are perfect for Chanukah or anytime and great to serve a crowd.  They both show how much flavor the Joburg salami can add to any dish.


These Cauliflower Salami latkes are made with the fresh salami that is filled with large peppercorns.  The flavor of the pepper and the fat from the salami works perfectly with cauliflower.  The latkes can also be made ahead, frozen even and reheated in an oven.  Everyone will love these latkes and it is a nice change of pace.

stuffed mush with salami

There are so many ways to make stuffed mushrooms, you can make them dairy, meat or parve and with every flavor you can imagine.  The main constant is that you want to pull out the stems, chop them fine and sauté them with aromatics like onion and garlic.  Thyme always goes particularly well with mushrooms, but you can use other herbs as well.  For this recipe I decided to add a little extra flavor with Joburg's hard salami. When cut small and sautéed with the mushroom stems it acted almost like a bacon with a little extra spice from the peppercorns they stuff inside. These mushrooms were a real hit.

Stuffed Mushrooms with Salami

Cauliflower Salami Latkes

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