A Mexican Fiesta for Father's Day

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carne asada

This year Father’s Day is June 17th, just around the corner.  So what to do for dad that shows how much we appreciate him?

Mother’s Day brings brunch or breakfast in bed to mind, but how can we turn Father’s Day from the discouraging, “Don’t get me anything. I have everything I need,” to one that truly honors dad? Trust me, he doesn’t need any more ties, socks, or pajamas.

When I was growing up the typical Father’s Day presents were cuff links, ties, socks, pajamas, and cologne or shaving lotion. But not for my dad. “What would you like for Father’s Day” the three of us kids would ask and we all got the same answer, “I don’t need anything.” We wanted to wail, “But we have to give you something. What would you like?” “Just behave yourself,” my dad would insist expecting the impossible.
So what can we do to really let him know how much we appreciate him?

Let’s have a Mexican BBQ complete with homemade tortilla chips, fresh tomato salsa, barbequed chicken and steak in the form of Carne Asada. Chimmichuri Sauce from Argentina added to the Carne Asada will make your mouth tingle with that South of the Border flavor. Now to top of the festivities are chilled Margaritas, alcohol-free for the kids and whatever you want for the adults.

Did you ever even think to ask when Father’s Day started? According to my sources, it is the invention of Sonora Smart Doddin in 1910 to honor her father, a single parent raising five children. Sonora went to manufacture's of ties, pipe tobacco, and other men’s items for support of Father’s Day.

After many stops and starts on the celebration of Father’s Day, President Richard Nixon signed Father’s Day into law in 1972, so bring out the barbeque and get ready for the most delicious Father’s Day ever.

homemade tortilla chips.jpg

Homemade Tortilla Chips

Fresh Tomato Salsa

Fresh Tomato Salsa

Fresh Tomato Salsa

carne asada

Carne Asada




non-alcoholi margaritas

Non Alcoholic Margaritas

Let us know how you celebrate father's day!