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A Modern Break The Fast For Yom Kippur


Lately, it seems everyone is really into either nostalgia or modern.  Either we want to make our traditional Jewish foods, like gefilte fish and kugel or we want to change it up and go modern.   Both have their merits, for me nostalgia often brings to mind the break fast I had growing up which I shared with you a few years ago, see that Break the Fast Menu here.  I know Jamie has gone more modern lately looking for healthier foods and she shared some of her favorites last year, in her Yom Kippur Break The Fast Recipes post here.   This year I offer a simple modern menu for those looking for something a little different, but still true to our roots.


Don't just serve smoked salmon, make your own Gravlax!! Once you make your own and realize the cost savings and the amazing flavors you can make, you won't need the smoked stuff any longer.  This recipe is for pastrami flavor, but you can stick with the regular dill and lemon if you prefer.

cream cheese dips

Cream Cheese Dips

Dress up your cream cheese with these ideas from Jamie, I love to mix in sun dried tomatoes and rosemary for my cream cheese.

fresh pea and spinach spaetzl

Instead of baked ziti, try this spaetzl recipe, frozen peas will work fine, or just serve with an herbed butter sauce.  You can make it ahead and reheat it before serving.

Inside Out Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Inside Out Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Enjoy these creamy spinach dips inside the artichoke bottoms, hot and delicious for after a fast.

Butternut Squash Gratin

Butternut Squash Gratin

If you feel you need one more dish, go ahead and try this gratin, it is healthy and delicious and leftovers are wonderful too.

quick dark chocolate brownies

Quick Dark Chocolate Brownies

For dessert, go for your favorite brownies and maybe cookies or you could try these bite sized cheesecakes or go ahead and offer ice cream sundaes.

What do you like to serve for Break the Fast?