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A New Mom's Mother's Day Breakfast

pancake and eggs

It's my first mother's day! A little over 10 months ago, Richie was born. And now I know the real reason why they have this holiday. As a being who has no expressive language and can't do much for himself, it's my job to do everything for him. And when he's old enough, maybe he'll thank me for it? I'm not sure, but  do hope he brings me breakfast in bed.

Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal. Ever. I would have breakfast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day if I could. So when Tamar asked me to write a mother's day post, I knew I would have to feature breakfast food. I just couldn't decide what. When I go out for breakfast, I waver between pancakes (usually chocolate chip) and eggs. The best thing about making breakfast at home? You don't have to decide.

So I made breakfast and eggs together! With a small salad, too, because it just goes. The sweetness of the pancake goes very well with the bitter arugula, and what better food is there to dip in a poached egg than a pancake? I know it seems a little weird, but having egg, pancake, and arugula in one bite is just amazing. Trust me.

This sweet and savory combination makes a great meal, and one that I hope Richie will make for me one day!

Here is my recipe for Poached Eggs with Sweet Potato Pancakes.