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A Simchat Torah Carnival Menu From Susie Fishbein

Lemon Pepper chicken

Let's party like it's 5772!  After all, it's Simchat Torah, time to have some fun.  I've got an idea that will put the summer in your Simchas... a carnival theme menu! With Susie Fishbein's delicious recipes, you may have to invite the whole neighborhood over for this ferris wheel of flavor.  Come one, come all!  Take a ride on the tunnel of food love and test your strength with a spectacular Simchat Torah menu.

Hot Pretzel Challah
Coconut Chicken
Korean Beef Kimche Skewers
Cauliflower Popcorn
Lemon Pepper Fried Chicken
Hush Puppy Chicken
Breaded Mushrooms
Spicy Carrot sticks
Funnel Cakes
Frozen Banana Pops

P.S.  I recommend setting this up as a potluck, send them all this link and have them pick and choose the dish they want to bring.

Thank you Susie for your inspiration and truly wonderful cookbooks.