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A South African Rosh Hashanah Menu

rosh hashanah menu
sushi cake

Smoked Steak Sushi Cake

What do you do if your family believes that a meal is not complete without meat? Smoked Steak Sushi Salad was created for my son Ryan who loves sushi, but won't eat fish. As most of the starters in our home are meat, I like to serve this with a plate of chopped liver puffs. The length of the ingredient list doesn't make the recipe lengthier and harder, sometimes just a little tastier!

choux liver pastries

Choux Pastry Chopped Liver Puffs

I have gone choux pastry crazy! and all because of a demonstration I attended in New York by David Kolotkin, Executive Chef of the Prime Grill in New York.  Please don't skip this one saying, "oy! it too patshkedik!" These Chopped Liver Puffs will give your dinner the wow factor.

carrot and corn soup

Fresh Carrot and Corn Soup

Carrots are a goldmine of nutrients. For the best taste results, use fresh all the way. You want bright orange carrots, with feathery green ponytails, which seem such a pity to discard, and corn bulging with perfect rows of kernels that you slice off the cob. Now that's what I call fresh! Believe me, you'll taste the difference between that and anything frozen or precut. What could be better than the sweet taste of Carrot and Corn soup for Rosh Hashanah.

sticky lamb ribs

Sticky Ginger and Honey Lamb Ribs

It's taken years but I've finally accepted that I will never get a brisket for Rosh Hashanah, they're for the customers and that's it! I've had one quietly tucked away for 2 months in my freezer but I know 3 days before Yomtov my husband's going to say "Shar, have you got a brisket hidden anywhere?" So I've learned, they're never short of lamb breasts and that is why it's always Sticky Ginger and Honey Lamb Ribs for RoshHashanah at our house.

tzimmes butter nut

Tzimmes Stuffed Butternut Squash

Apparently there are some vegetarians out there! Being a 'meataholic', I find this quite horrifying! I tease my one and only vegetarian friend (only one, I wouldn't allow any more!) that eating a piece of dried mango is no substitute for a piece of biltong! I'm sure she's permanently hungry! Anyway, during the year I make her salads, but on Rosh Hashanah I make her something a little more traditional. For a different way to serve Vegetarian Tzimmes, try this.

Beets and pomegranate seeds make this the perfect Rosh Hashanah side salad.

apple sorbet

Apple Sorbet

This fresh Apple Sorbet is all one really needs after a Yomtov meal!

Have a happy and sweet new year and remember I am always available to answer your meat questions.