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A Super Bowl Party To Remember

meatball slider

Let’s face it. Super Bowl Sunday has become an unofficial holiday in this country. The Super Bowl is not only the biggest sporting event in North America, it’s also the most watched television program year after year. And the day is about so much more than a football game! There’s the outrageous TV ads, the botched renditions of the national anthem, the wardrobe malfunctions, the mega rock star half-time shows. All the pomp and circumstance surrounding the game is usually far more entertaining than the game itself.

Super Bowl Sunday is also a great reason to get together with friends and have a party, regardless of whether or not you know a thing about football. Make it fun by picking up some football themed decorations, put out a selection of dips & chips, easy snacks, appetizers and cold beer (or other adult beverages).

No football party is complete without a football betting pool. Don’t know a thing about football? No problem! The “Betting Squares” grid is a popular Super Bowl game. It’s based on the score at the end of each quarter and only requires a pen and paper to play. No knowledge of football necessary. (Instructions can be easily found on-line.) Proposition bets are a lot of fun and are based on the incidentals of the game. Which team will win the coin toss? How many seconds will Kelly Clarkson hold the note “brave” during the national anthem? With what song will Madonna start the half-time show? What color Gatorade will be poured onto the winning coach? Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first, his mom, his coach or G-d? The choices for prop bets are endless and hilarious!

Here are recipes for some football food “Hall of Fame” classics. Guacamole with Tortilla Chips, Chili con Carne, Buffalo Chicken Wings and Meatball Sliders.