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A Unique Israeli Menu For Purim

fatoush salad

These recipes let you imagine you are walking in the streets of Israel, tasting the flavors, smelling the aromas and enjoying the colors of one of the most interesting and provocative places on earth -- Israel.

The dishes resemble the character of the country and the people with sweet and spicy flavors.

zaatar crusted gefilte fish pin

Zaatar Crusted Gefilte Fish with Wasabi Aioli

This dish combines the old Jewish dish with Mediterranean flavors. Serve it with some Mediterranean dips and win the heart of your guests.

israeli spice mix blend

Jerusalem Mix Spice Blend 

This spice mix was created by me to be able to taste Jerusalem even if I am not there. It puts together flavors of the Jerusalem market and each time you use you will think you are there now.  You can use this spice mix with many meat and chicken dished so make a big amount and keep in the freezer.

lamb kataifi long

Kataifi Nests with Mauritanian Ground Lamb

This dish is an elegant way to wow your guests. You can serve it as an entree or appetizer and bring Israel to your guest’s plate.

fatoush salad

Fatush Salad - Shuk to Table Movement. (Chopped Fresh Market Vegetables with Pita Croutons)

Forget Israeli or Arab salad, this is the real thing! A mixture of vegetables, herbs and crunchy pita bites, once you try it, it will accompany your table every Shabbat.

shlomo cake

A Cake of a Thousand Kisses (Basbousa - Semolina Cake)

This is a traditional Arab cake that became very popular in Israel. The name basbousa means in Arabic a thousand kisses

blush arak

Blushed Arak cocktail (Cocktail of arak and red grapefruit)

This is the traditional drink of the streets of Israel. It combines the anise flavor with sweet and citrus hints.

These dishes can be served at your Purim Seuda and the Jerusalem Spice Mix can be given as part of your Mishloach Manot/party favor.

If you want to see more and taste where these recipes came from join me in my inaugural FOODSTEPS CULINARY JOURNEY, July 7-16, 2015.

With this unique experience, you can connect with the heart and soul of Israel's vibrant culture with your palate learning the way on a culinary and culturally rich journey.

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